At Andrews Sales Performance, we are proud of the products and services we provide for our clients. We are also gratified by the testimonials provided by our clients on social media and their recommendations to their colleagues. The statements below represent just a few of the complimentary messages we have received from our clients.

Recommendations & Testimonials

Scot is a talented individual educating and training sales and account management professionals on advanced CRM tools and processes. His ability to conduct training sessions and seminars for all levels of GTM professionals is impressive.

Neil M

Scot Andrews presented two sessions during our Any Lab Test Now Franchisee Conference two weeks ago. His first session covered referral development, LinkedIn best practices, and developing engaging introduction frameworks. The second session was even more popular with our franchisees – hiring sales talent and creating a win-win compensation program. Scot researched our business, and tailored his presentations to our audiences and our business model. He kept the audience engaged, even during a 1 ½ hour session. The tools and information shared were presented in a way that would make anyone, even someone that is not a formal salesperson, comfortable with building their business. According to our rating app for each session, Scot was a hit!

Terri M

Scot Andrews, SVP Career Services at Education Corporation of America, was my Senior Supervisor and Mentor. Scot’s leadership style and professionalism cultivated a team effort to improve our placement goals to far exceed what our team thought was even possible. Scot was fair, consistent, and a real powerhouse of knowledge in leadership and teaching the art of persuasion. Scot is an excellent leader and mentor and I would highly recommend him for any corporate or consulting role.

Donna D

I had the pleasure of working with Scot at Cotiviti. Scot made a number of contributions to our sales teams at a very important time in our organizational transformation. I appreciated Scot’s diverse experience in strategic selling and valued his insights and ideas on go to market strategy and design.

John V

I have worked with Scot at multiple companies and in a broad range of leadership roles. He is a great Sales Leader and truly a get it done individual! Feel free to contact me for a reference anytime.

Tom M

It is uncommon for someone to get the opportunity to work for someone like Scot. I had the pleasure to be coached and mentored by Scot during our time together at Education Corporation of America. He has a drive and a sense of urgency that you cannot help but to want to work hard and meet all the goals. Scot has the ability to walk into a room and gain everyone’s attention and get people on board with his ideas. Scot was pivotal in my success and I would not be where I am today with my career without his mentoring. I would recommend Scot to anyone who wants to take their company to the next level.

John C
I had the pleasure of working with Scott while he was a Senior VP at ECA. Scot is the consummate professional and an exceptional sales leader. He is a disciplined and strategic senior leader who has done a great job building our career services team from the ground up. His ability to connect at all levels of our organization, as well as with our partners, has earned him the respect from the entire organization. I recommend Scot in the highest regard.
Randy M
Scot is a consummate professional with a distinct eye for opportunity and an ability to motivate teams to achieve goals. His positive spirit and leadership within multi-departmental groups not only creates productive outcomes but also creates an air of openness and camaraderie. Scot is a big thinker and enjoys finding new ways to positively impact the business, situation and individual.
Keri B
I've had the pleasure of working for Scot for almost 5 years. He's brought leadership and innovative ideas to our department to constantly improve processes and outcomes. He's dedicated to the success of his staff and has been a great mentor for me.
Christian L
Scot is a leader in every sense of the word. His ability to motivate, mentor, and execute a vision, make him one of those rare people that can impact your personal and professional life in so many positive ways. His drive and understanding of how to succeed coupled with his ability to identify and develop talent makes him that executive that everyone wants to work for. His extensive and impressive background in sales has helped him develop a sales organization at ECA that is easily the best in the industry. Scot's positive attitude and the respect others feel toward him are palpable. I will follow Scot wherever he goes.
Josh L
While at ECA, I had the great experience of working closely with Scot as a business partner. He led the student placement function for the company while I managed general operations of one of the three regions. As a matrixed business partner, I appreciated Scot's collaborative style (very much like that of a consultative sell when gaining support for new initiatives he was responsible for designing & implementing), his keen intellect, his high sense of urgency, his ability to look at the business from a fresh perspective and develop creative, new approaches, and perhaps most importantly his desire for regular & open communication. As a result of our partnership and his functional leadership, placement results in my region were the best in the company.
Michael L
Scot is a great leader. Fantastic knowledge of sales and a great business mind. He has great vision and works hard to execute his ideas. Scot is never happy with the status quo, and works relentlessly to improve the company's objectives.
Jason M
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scot Stapleton of Education Corporation of America during the past three years as he began the process of transforming the career services function of ECA. We worked as business partners on a key project whose objective was to positively impact the lives of ECA’s graduates, by equipping them with critical life and job search skills. This called for replacing a traditional paradigm with creative, new thinking. Scot had the vision to see how tens of thousands of ECA graduates could improve their lives and livelihoods if they were able to better navigate their own career and job searches, in order to put their degree to work. Scot successfully aligned the senior leadership of his organization around this vision, then he and his team executed the strategies necessary to make it a successful reality. As a result of what he and his team have accomplished, tens of thousands of families will reap a lifetime of benefits because their moms and dads have been connected to better careers faster. In addition, he has created a significant competitive advantage that positions his organization as the category leader in each market it serves. Top Qualities: Vision, Strategic Thinking, Alignment of Senior Leadership, Execution, Results, Partnership
Hank B
Scot is an outstanding talent who has the ability to successfully envision and lead significant change initiatives. Scot enlists a market facing approach and he effectively obtains a high-level of engagement out of his people. It is a great pleasure to partner with Scot with both strategic change initiatives and dealing with the day-to-day management routines. His focus is on driving productivity and keeping the best talent on the team with exceptional levels of commitment.
Michael W
I have had the pleasure of working with Scot since joining Education Corporation of America. He has proven to be a true professional as overall Senior Vice President of Career Services. His desire to have students excel as they graduate is unparalleled. He is involved on every aspect of student professionalism and his knowledge of the workforce and development of the students guarantees continued success in the future. He is the driving force behind the continued achievements across all campuses providing sound leadership and judgment.
Tony F
In a word, Scot is a visionary. His passion and drive are unparalleled in today’s business world. A true leader in every sense of the word; he has the ability to inspire, connect and motivate. During a massive overhaul of the company that included his department, he was able to motivate the survivors, hire newcomers and surpass the expectations of the C-Suite. Scot has built one of the most productive, and hardworking teams, I have had the pleasure to work with. He listens and understands the business, the people and the industry while delivering results like no other. In addition, and most importantly, Scot has built this reputation by remaining ethical and grounded. If given the opportunity I would work with, for or beside Scot in any circumstance.
Carron C
Scot is a leader that executes. He is experienced in many facets of sales training and people development. His ability to implement successful strategies has done wonders for the entire ECA team. Working with Scot has been a pleasure. I believe that Scot is an asset to any organization because of his commitment to building high performance teams and developing others personally and professionally.
Dana W
Scot is a true Leader and Mentor, he is influential by modeling high expectations and results, while delivering the same of himself. He entrust the team with as much responsibility our capabilities will allow, empowering, coaching and challenging each of us to become better leaders. Scot is open to ideas and respects our input into decisions. He develops, coaches and shares his leadership role to create new leaders. The above attributes and characteristics are all ingredients of what makes him a successful and effective boss. Overall, he has created a work environment where I feel challenged, do my best, and have a sense of value.
Alisha W
I worked in Scot’s department for over a year and spent a good amount of time in one on one situations with him. This afforded me the benefit of receiving executive level guidance and mentor-ship from one of the business world’s finest. Scot is an exceptional developer of people, which has culminated into dozens of high performing teams under his leadership. He possesses a remarkable ability to identify, frame, and execute a vision from inception to completion because he has a level of business intelligence that allows him to see the big picture and the minute details. He has a comprehensive understanding of his business, his employees, and the results provided to his customers. He is a consummate executive and led a department that was an absolute pleasure to work in.
Bret A
Scot's leadership is evident in the results his team executes. He provides clear direction, solid coaching, and encourages us to have fun at the same time. He sets high expectations, and then offers the support we need to meet those expectations. As a direct report, I appreciate that he gives me the flexibility to do my job and make sound decisions without micro-managing. He is a good boss.
Susan P
Scot is driven and results oriented. He brings a competitive spirit to the team and is very strong when it comes to strategic planning.
Harvey G

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