Andrews Sales Performance

Andrews Sales Performance Group is equipped to provide a range of sales-related solutions for companies large and small. Scot and his team bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every client and assignment. Whether the need is for a temporary VP or sales or an analysis and overhaul of sales compensation strategy, we have the necessary expertise and tools. Other services include Investment Sales Analysis based on the Sales Xceleration model and in-depth sales training.

Investment Sales Analysis

Based on the Sales Xceleration model, Investment Sales Analysis provides an in-depth analysis that empowers your company to make decisions on acquisitions or selling company assets that maximize profits. Each analysis process is led by an experienced VP of sales and includes an evaluation of Sales Infrastructure, Sales Process, Sales Support, and Sales Organizational Systems. The result is an actionable sales or acquisition plan your company can feel confident about.

Outsourced Vice President of Sales

As a CEO, you may be inclined to take a hands-on approach to the running of your company. However, your energies are often better suited to providing guidance and vision. Andrews Sales Performance can provide your company with an outsourced Vice President of Sales to work in the trenches, allowing you and other C-level executives to remain focused on your core companies. We take on the day-to-day work of running your sales team until you can make a permanent hire, including overseeing hiring and compensation.

Genesis Sales Training and Certification

Genesis+ is a 16-week sales training and certification program that utilizes the Sales Xceleration suite (strategy, process, management, and hiring), combined with sales leadership training. This one-on-one training program provides business owners and sales leaders with the tools they need to become certified sales leaders.

Exit Strategy Preparation

Whether you’re planning to retire as CEO or sell your company, a systematic exit strategy ensures a smooth transition. In too many instances, transitions are accompanied by disruption. Andrews Sales Performance evaluates your company’s present circumstances, along with market conditions and other relevant factors, to provide exit strategy recommendations.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

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