Investment Sales Analysis

Whether you’re in the market to sell your company or take on a new acquisition, evidence of a strong sales structure and growth potential translate into a higher valuation. Andrews Sales Performance Investment Sales Analysis tools are designed to evaluate the value of businesses on the market – yours or a potential acquisition.

As a seller, it is natural to seek the highest sale value possible for your business. The Investment Sales Analysis is based on Sales Xceleration tools that provide insights and data needed to present your business in the best possible light. You will also have data and insights on hand that allow you to create a strategy to time the sale of your business at the most advantageous time. Adding one of our sales plans enhances the sales value and scalability for your company, resulting in a stronger negotiating position and higher sales returns.

Sales Xceleration’s Investment Sales Analysis is also invaluable for investors seeking to obtain new acquisitions. It provides additional due diligence for both private equity buyers and independent investors by distinguishing the current from the projected value of a business—drawing on metrics such as customer base, sales infrastructure, and scalability. Adding the Sales Plan or taking on the services of an Outsourced VP of Sales after the acquisition helps ensure maximum future revenue.

Whether you’re selling your business or taking on a new acquisition, exercising due diligence is a smart business strategy. Employing a tool like the Investment Sales Analysis minimizes the risk of settling for an inferior sales price for your business – or paying too much for an acquisition in comparison to potential returns.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

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