Certified Sales Leader Program

Your company may have a solid sales corps and acceptable sales revenues, but lack a real leader to take your business to the next level. The Certified Sales Leader Program could be the solution your company is looking for. This comprehensive eight-week program, delivered using the Sales Xceleration method, provides the tools to create a qualified sales leader for your company – someone to drives sales and lead your entire sales corps to produce solid revenue growth.

Our Certified Sales Leader training expands on the skills of a sales manager, providing them with coaching, techniques, knowledge, and tools to lead their fellow sales colleagues into the future. Our CSL training is administered by experienced trainer-certified leaders, with more than 25 years of proven sales growth experience.

Our CSL training covers 16 units over a period of eight weeks. Modules include Understanding Your Client, Getting the Best from Your Sales Team, Customer Relations Management, Improving Poor Performance, Roleplays, Onboarding, Defining Sales Strategy, and more. Once training is complete, participants have the skills they need to execute present sales strategies and implement new procedures. Participants who pass the certification examination are entitled to add the CSL designation to their credentials.

Instruction is available in a classroom environment in cities across the country. If there is no class offering presently available in a location that is convenient to you, inquire about future offerings or 1 on 1 training in your location. We work with you to make sure this valuable training is available to you and your sales staff.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Whether your company is experiencing stagnant sales or high turnover rates among sales reps, Andrews Sales Performance can help. Let’s begin the process of scaling your business and increasing your revenue. Take our Sales Agility Assessment or call Andrews Sales Performance today!