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6 Important Sales Tools – What You Need. What You’re Forgetting

Running a business in the modern age means being aware of what technological tools are available and choosing the resources that will do the best job of setting your team up for success.

By automating and streamlining the rote tasks of the sales process, you can free your team up to focus on more valuable tasks – like looking for new prospects.

A sales tool is any software, framework, process model or template that improves your sales process, making it better, faster, or cheaper. But a tool is only helpful if you choose the right one, and consider how it will fit into your current systems and communication methods. Ideally, good tools integrate easily with other products, save time and effort, and help your sales team follow up.

But with so many options available, it can be a challenge to determine what tools you need. To help you understand the different types of resources available, we’ve put together this list of the six most important categories of sales tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM category of software offers a broad range of tools that support teams and companies with everything from lead tracking to customer data to sales automation. If you are looking to build out your sales tools, you will likely want to start by selecting a CRM that you like, as any other tools you use will need to integrate with your CRM. There are very expensive solutions, and lower cost ones. It’s important to sketch out the workflow and process requirements before you go shopping, or you might find yourself with an expensive price tag. Some CRMs provide the “entire” funnel, including the marketing funnel to a sales-ready lead. There are many great solutions in this space. Take your time and engage an objective resource to partner with.

Sales and Market Intelligence

Do you want to do some vetting of your prospects? These tools can help you evaluate whether a prospect is a strong candidate for converting to a customer, letting you quickly make informed sales decisions.

Lead Handling and Prospecting

The ability to develop new leads and quickly move them through your sales process is highly valuable to any sales team. Investing in good lead handling and prospecting tools can help you quickly identify a promising lead, qualify it, and get them to the right person to engage them and close the sale.

Analytics and Reporting

Once you have data, you need the right tools to make it work for you, allowing you to quickly access and review data. Being able to visualize and analyze data gives you the tools to make better decisions, forecast upcoming sales cycles, and grow your sales revenue. You must develop a balanced scorecard with relevant performance data.

Process and Training

These tools help streamline processes by speeding up common tasks. They allow you to evaluate what your reps are doing and pinpoint places in the process where improvements could be made. These tools can do things such as help to capture sales calls and even track valuable information, like how often a competitor’s name is mentioned.

Automation and Integrations

Automating as much of your sales process as possible lets your sales team accomplish more in less time. Streamlining processes through automation also creates efficiencies in the workflow. It could be something as simple as setting up bots that instantly answer common questions, connecting data from different sources, or even integrating workflow across multiple apps.

Whatever sales tools you decide to implement, you want to consider how they will work with other products – your email program, your marketing automation, your analytics software, etc. Ideally, they need to work with what you have and be easy for your entire team to adopt. As you explore which tools to utilize, be sure to consider whether your team currently has the tools they need to do their job, and what tools would offer the greatest time-saving and efficiency for your sales reps. By automating and streamlining the rote tasks of the sales process, you can free your team up to focus on more valuable tasks – like looking for new prospects.

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